"Greenways Product" Project

About project, You can find more information at the website of the European Greenways Association (link)


 June 2, 2014 - Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri - Rovigo

Workshop " Intermodality and Slow Tourism: best practice in the Po Delta" (WP 7.2)


Carmen Aycart Luengo - Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles. Greenways Product Project coordinator - Spanish Greenways Programme” (pdf)

Ms. Mercedes Muñoz - Director of European Greenways Association.“The European Greenways Overview” (pdf)

Giuseppe Voltolina - Region of Veneto. "Tourism by bicycle in Veneto" (pdf)

Miguel Angel Delgado -  Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid. “Best practices guide about Intermodality Public transport  + Bikes in Europe” (pdf)

Giuseppe Merlin - FIAB. "The trailer bike rack, an aid to the development of cycling" (pdf ita)

Pierpaolo Romio - Girolibero. “The operator's experiencesvideo

Giancarlo Mantovani - Reclamation Consortium Po Delta. "Navigating the river and lagoon of the Po Delta"  (pdf ita

Alba Maria Rosito - Assonautica Polesana. "Nautical tourism in Polesine" (pdf ita)

Carmen Aycart Luengo - Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles.“Greenways Product Project” (pdf)

Raitis Sijāts - Chairman of the Board Vidzeme Tourism Association - Greenways Product Project partner in Latvia. "Greenways in Latvia" (pdf)

Susana Rodriguez Pérez - Fundacion Via Verde de la Sierra. “A success story about a greenways in a rural area” (pdf)

Giulia Cortesi - FIAB. "Intermodality in Italy, brief overview" (pdf)

Laura Mosca – LAG Delta Po. "LAG Delta Po projects and best practices" (pdf)



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